Gait physiotherapy – practical aspects and innovations


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Module 1: Fundamentals of gait physiotherapy – Interdisciplinary overview

The aim of the Module 1 is to provide to the students with interdisciplinary and fundamental knowledge about gait physiotherapy. Particularly within this module students are prepared to undertake more comprehensive and complex studies on planning, organizing, and conducting gait physiotherapy of patients with particular type of gait pathology.

Within three different interdisciplinary topics that are crucial for being professional physiotherapists presenting the most important aspects of biological determinants of gait physiotherapy, biomechanics and anthropometric in gait as well as social and psychological aspects of physiotherapy are provided.

The module contains both theoretical content and elements of practice when it comes to applying the methods and tools described.

  • Unit 1: Basic concepts of the development of gait

  • Unit 2: Biomechanics of Gait

  • Unit 3: Assessing Gait

  • Unit 4: Mental and social determinants of gait physiotherapy


Module 2: Methodological approach to gait physiotherapy


The aim of the Module 2 is to provide to the students with more specialized knowledge about methods and tools including innovative technologies within each stage of planning gait physiotherapy: diagnosis, physiotherapy exercises and maintaining physiotherapy by patient and self-physiotherapy.

The module includes both theoretical and practical approaches of using a comprehensive group of traditional and new and innovative methods giving advantages and disadvantages for certain types of gait pathologies.

Students will also be familiar with the procedures and tools for designing ergonomically correct working conditions and their attitude to patient to avoid negative health consequences of physiotherapists’ occupational activities.

  • Unit 1: Gait physiotherapy methodologies

  • Unit 2: Technological innovations in gait physiotherapy

  • Unit 3: Ergonomics and workflow in gait physiotherapy



Module 3: Gait physiotherapy in case studies – learning from practice

Module 3 is the crucial component of the training that provides a comprehensive data base containing various case studies and various gait physiotherapy scenarios taking into account the diverse aetiology of gait pathology and the age ranges of patients.

The case studies represent gait physiotherapy in the following medical fields:

  • orthopaedics
  • neurology
  • geriatrics
  • paediatrics

Students have the opportunity to follow different patient treatment pathways based on the normal and pathological gait patterns learned in the previous modules.

After Module 3, students are prepared to make independent decisions regarding gait physiotherapy for a specific aetiology. They can implement learned knowledge into clinical practice. 

Individual scenarios of gait physiotherapy protocols include the teaching content presented in the previous modules, reflecting the given theory in practical activities with the help of videos.


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