Report on the seminar presenting the results of the international project number 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 entitled. “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+)

  • When: 13.10.2023

The Multiplier Event organized by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, held on 13th October in Milan (Italy) as an on-site scientific event, aiming not only to disseminate the Project and its results, which are the training material and the training course, but also the Erasmus Programme and the key actions relevant to giving continuity to the project after its conclusion. Due to its relevance, the organized event was included among the “Erasmus Days 2023” events held in Europe on those days.

Entitled ‘State of the Art and knowledge of gait function and new therapeutic perspectives’, the event was hosted in Politecnico di Milano, Aula Magna, and was focused on the project’s topic, particularly on the rehabilitation of gait function and the support of modern technologies to formulate and assist rehabilitation approaches and diagnoses. The following speakers, leading experts in both rehabilitation technology and university education in physiotherapy, who are widely recognized as influential stakeholders at national and international levels, were invited to report their research activities and experiences:

  • Roberto Gatti, Professor and Physiotherapy Unit Director at Humanitas University Hospital, Milan;
  • Andrea Merlo, Research Manager at Gait&Motion Analysis Laboratory Sol et Salus Hospital, Rimini;
  • Maurizio Petrarca, Head of Movement Analysis and Robotics Laboratory, Bambino Gesu’ Children’s Hospital, Rome.

Besides, the SMARTherapy+ project and achieved results were presented by  Esteban Pavan, Biomechanical Engineering, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

The event was held in Italian language and about twenty persons covering multiple professional roles and engaged in different activities attended the event.

To promote the event and the project, a leaflet was designed and distributed among professionals, which included agenda, date and location, goals of the event, and a short biography of the invited speakers (see below).

Implemented communication and dissemination activities in this period were aimed to address the following specific objectives:

  • to keep updated potential contacts about Project activities;
  • to communicate the ongoing activities of the Project and
  • to provide visibility to the Project website
  • to promote the Multiplier Event scheduled for the 13th October in Milan (Italy) as an on-site event;
  • to disseminate project results, the training material, and the training course.


Report on the seminar presenting the results of the international project number 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 entitled. “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+)

  • When: 07.05.2022

On 7th May 2022 the University of Luebeck hosted a multiplier event to disseminate Information about SMARTherapy+ and gait physiotherapy amongst physiotherapists in Germany. The event took place with >50 participants who joined us in presence at the University of Luebeck and an additional <10 participants who followed the presentations online.

Four physiotherapy and medical gait experts presented latest research on gait analysis over the lifespan, starting with very young infants (Karin Determann) up to geriatric populations (Hanna Brodowski) and individuals suffering from functional movement disorders (Dr. Anne Weissbach). Kerstin Luedtke additionally informed about SMARTherapy and Annett Heitling provided state-of-the-art gait analysis evidence. In addition, flyers were handed out and a poster was presented to further disseminate information about SMARTherapy.

After the scientific presentations, all speakers offered hands-on and video-analysis workshops and participants had the choice to attend one out of four workshops.

Seminar agenda:

Event photos:

Report on the seminar presenting the results of the international project number 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 entitled. “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+)

  • Where: Bydgoszcz
  • When: 26.06.2021

On 26 June 2021 from 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. in a hybrid form a seminar was held presenting the results of the international project No 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+). The organizer of the seminar was the Silesian University of Technology and the event was held under the patronage of the Rectors of two universities in Poland and Ukraine: Rector of the University of Bydgoszcz and Rector of Khmelnytskyi National University.

The adopted hybrid form of the scientific event, both in remote form with the use of information technology, as well as in a stationary form, was a response not only to current epidemic threats occurring in Poland and Europe but also to great interest in participation in the seminar.

PhD eng. Joanna Bartnicka – Head of the international project SMARTherapy+ and Professor  Magdalena Hagner-Derengowska – Vice-Chancellor of Bydgoszcz University of Medical Sciences and Rector’s Proxy for Physiotherapy at BSW opened the seminar and welcomed the invited guests, speakers and seminar participants.

The substantive part of the workshop consisted of six lecture panels. The opening lecture entitled “Modern methods and techniques of gait physiotherapy training. Theoretical and practical aspects” was delivered by Professor Magdalena Hagner-Derengowska and met with great interest from seminar participants.

Four other lectures were given by researchers of the Department of Physiotherapy and Ergotherapy from Khmelnytsky National University.

PhD Inna Soltyk gave a lecture on: “The choice of means of physical therapy for major pathological abnormalities in the structure and function of the feet”. Another person who gave a presentation entitled: “Physical activity in physical therapy. The topic includes types of exercises, functional tests, which are used in FT for certain disorders” was PhD Natalia Volieva.

Two other presentations were given PhD Ludmyla Basenko and Professor Mykola Maistruk on the following topics: “Classification of Adriano Ferrari’s dysplasia. Perspective of gait”, “Author’s (basic) course of using massage in the practice of a physical therapist”.

The substantive part of the seminar closed with a lecture by PhD eng. Piotr Bojar from the Centre for Training and Expertise and Rector’s Proxy for Logistic, Management and Production Engineering, whose topic was: “Analysis and processing of data acquired from gait physiotherapy devices for verification of patient exercise performance”.

The lectures presented a holistic approach to gait physiotherapy in Poland and Ukraine, as well as drew attention to the lack of European standards of professionalization of physiotherapists, ensuring maximum safety and high quality of therapy at the same level.

From the lectures we have listened to we can clearly state that the the project aims to meet the needs of physiotherapists by developing a professional and standardized training product for them.

The main advantage of this product will be learning based on multidimensional and interactive scenarios of gait rehabilitation process based on the case studies.

In the last part of the seminar PhD Joanna Bartnicka presented in a synthetic way information about the aims and objectives of the SMARTherapy+ project.

To sum up, the seminar was an interesting event with a high scientific and content-related level. Moreover, it was educational for both the participants and the organisers and allowed them to understand the needs and expectations regarding the adaptation and modernisation of the medical school curricula. It also confirmed the lack of widely available and standardised didactic materials on gait physiotherapy.

The seminar was attended by 249 people, including 90 in-person participants and 159 online participants. The seminar participants were mainly students and academic teachers of physiotherapy and health sciences. Moreover, the seminar was attended by physiotherapists who run their own service activity in physiotherapy, representatives of medical universities in Poland, among others, from: Colegium Medicum of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Bydgoszcz University, Khmelnytsky National University.
Participation in the seminar was free of charge.

Agenda seminarium:

Event photos:



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