People participating in the project implementation have many years of experience in managing and implementing European projects. Among them, the following will play a key role:


PhD in Bioengineering from Politecnico di Milano. He conducted research activities in the field of Rehabilitation Engineering at the Bioengineering Center of Milan. Being the coordinator of the Movement Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory, he gained a strong experience in the conduction and management of research and educational projects, including Erasmus+ projects. He was involved in lecturing on Rehabilitation Engineering topics, in Italy and abroad, for both Engineers and Medical professionals, at master courses accredited by the Italian Continuing Medical Education programme. He has been Visiting Professor at University of Padua, Italy. His research activities focus on technologies for functional assessment and rehabilitation, movement analysis biomechanics and he is the author of more than 25 peer-reviewed international papers and book chapters, and 80 presentations in international meetings.


Mechanical Engineer and Ph.D. in Design and Product Development Methods at Politecnico di Milano. He has 15 years of experience in promoting collaboration between Politecnico di Milano and SMEs, big companies, and other public institutions, supporting the transfer of academic knowledge to Industry through training and service projects. He was the project leader of the youTH intEllectual prOpeRty Education prograM-THEOREM project (EUIPO, Call-for-Proposal GR/001/17) and currently of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY EXPERIENTIAL PROGRAM – IP-EXPERIENCE project (EUIPO, Call-for-Proposal GR/001/19). Expert for quality monitoring for the Open Innovation Platform for university-Enterprise Collaboration-OIPEC Project (Erasmus+, Capacity Building, 2015-2018).



She graduated in Communication at University ‘La Sapienza’ of Rome. In 2008 she achieved the Master’s Degree in Management & Marketing of Cultural Events at the University ‘La Sapienza’ of Rome. From September 2004 to July 2005 she studied at the University Paris 1 – La Sorbonne. She did work experience in two communication agencies in Rome and she worked in ‘Koolhunters’, a university association involved in cultural and trend studies. She works at Fondazione Politecnico di Milano as Communication Specialist and she has more than 11 years of experience in promoting the dissemination of research projects at both national and international level. She is very interested in digital communication, sustainable development, and fine arts.

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