Report of three focus group sessions with external experts in gait physiotherapy from countries: Poland, Germany and Italy.



This document presents the Quality Plan for Erasmus + KA203 project 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+).
It is developed in the scope of the Project in compliance with the Project description and all applicable rules & guidelines.
Quality Plan is an integral part of the project and aims to ensure that objectives are met in the most effective way. This Quality Plan (QP) defines the general approach to quality control, internal and external evaluation and the procedures to be followed by the partners for effective communication as well as production and documentation of the Project deliverables. The document outlines the strategy for how the quality control mechanisms will be applied so that the operational, management and working procedures are comprehensively monitored and improved throughout the project duration.
The quality of the SMARTherapy+ project is fundamentally guaranteed by the great distinction status of the partners, as well as the high standard of the work plan. However, a close monitoring of the project quality at different stages of its implementation is felt to be crucial for its success. The Quality Plan (QP) is an important document concerning all partners, and reflects their willingness to maintain the high quality of all outputs throughout the project life. QP includes the quality management activities whose objective is supervise and to guide the project outcomes to assure their quality, excellence and adequacy to the project’s objectives through internal evaluations as a continuous process along the entire project. This results in a several qualitative and quantitative indicators that will be used for the evaluation of the quality of the activities and outcomes of the project.

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