The SMARTheraphy+ CURRICULUM is the first and crucial project deliverable (D1.1). According to curriculum content, the future project’s actions focused on preparation of training materials are designed. Within the process of developing the curriculum, SUT was obligated to collaborate closely with AWF that is the Leader of Intellectual Output 2 (IO2) titled: “Creation and implementation of SMARTherapy+ tool”.

The main objective of the curriculum is a definition of the comprehensive harmonized guidelines and standards for gait physiotherapy education that can be the base to build a recognition framework on European level.

Particularly, the curriculum contains:

  • Learning objectives of the course that fit to the recognized educational needs of gait
    physiotherapy (see report on survey results and report on focus group results).
  • Course structure and specification including division of modules, units, characteristic of
    knowledge, skills, competences to achieve.
  • Course content
  • Learning methods and forms applied to achieve the defined learning objectives with
    special emphasis on using ICT and VR technologies

Report available below:


Report of three focus group sessions with external experts in gait physiotherapy from countries: Poland, Germany and Italy.

Report available below:


The document is available from the Project Coordinator.
This document presents the Quality Plan for the project Erasmus + KA203 2020-1-PL01-KA203-082292 “Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardised tool for health higher education in Europe” (SMARTherapy+).
It is developed by the Project in accordance with the Project description and all applicable rules and guidelines.
The Quality Plan is an integral part of the Project and aims to ensure that the objectives are achieved in the most effective way. This Quality Plan (QP) defines the overall approach to quality control, internal and external evaluation and procedures to be used by partners for effective communication as well as production and documentation of Project deliverables. The document outlines a strategy for applying quality control mechanisms so that operational, management and working procedures are comprehensively monitored and improved throughout the life of the Project.
The quality of the SMARTherapy+ project is generally guaranteed by the high award status of the partners, as well as by the high standard of the work plan. However, close monitoring of the quality of the project at different stages of its implementation is considered crucial for its success. The Quality Plan (QP) is an important document for all partners and reflects their willingness to maintain the high quality of all products throughout the project. The QP includes quality management activities to oversee and guide the project outputs to ensure their quality, excellence and relevance to the project objectives through internal evaluations as an ongoing process throughout the project. This results in several qualitative and quantitative indicators that will be used to assess the quality of project activities and outcomes.


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