Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe

The project „Smart learning for gait physiotherapy – a standardized tool for health higher education in Europe” is aimed at satisfying the mentioned needs by developing professional and standardized training resources in the field of gait rehabilitation. The main advantage of this approach will be a new learning tool based on multidimensional and interactive scenarios of different gait therapy programs developed according to a purposely created database of case studies. It is planned to include 20 different gait alterations associated to disorders in the field of neurology, orthopedics, developmental diseases, and geriatrics.  

Within the framework of SMARTherapy + project, an innovative educational tool addressed to physical therapists, about the recovery of gait function, will be developed using modern digital solutions. The tool will be intuitive to use, and the training content will be easy to understand thanks to the use of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) (training materials will be based on digital educational games and virtual reality environments). Moreover, the tool will be accessible and easy to spread to all interested targets, thanks to the distance learning support mechanism. In particular, as a learning tool, SMARTheraphy + will be a digital and modern learning platform about physiotherapy and walking rehabilitation, comprising three basic components:

USEFUL KNOWLEDGE: basic scope of practical knowledge necessary to provide up-to-date and necessary skills to future rehabilitators and physiotherapists;

AVAILABLE KNOWLEDGE: creating a sustainable educational tool that will guarantee equal access to knowledge throughout Europe;

NON-EXCLUSIVE KNOWLEDGE: creating an effective educational tool that will guarantee the achievement of learning outcomes to students with different educational background or specialization, by adapting the learning methodology according to diversified individual learning capacities.  

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